Train station Veleslavín

Our contribution to the competition ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION OF VELESLAVÍN STATION was selected among the TOP 5 projects.

Two different flows. Linear and chaotic. They meet at one point. The proposal refutes this thesis. By its nature, it shapes the chaotic movement of people. He refuses to the clash. It creates a smooth transition between clutter and linearity, a typical feature of train movement. The simple form and true construction supports the basic attributes of a functioning railway station, ie clarity, sustainability and conflict-free. The minimal form, which is tightened as far as possible, bears a characteristic architectural expression. Inherently applicable to different locations with different characters with the same degree of functionality within the context of the site.The predominant linear character of the station itself was transferred to the newly designed surroundings. The continuing direct character of the individual functional units completes the overall expression. The individual lines (platform, green strip, linear set of objects) are interconnected, mutually reinforcing and forming one compact strong whole. This bundle of individual lines escalates at the meeting point – the square, the new local center.

Location: Praha Veleslavín | 2019

Author: monom

Phase: soutěž

Award: TOP 5

Team: Igor Hobza, Michal Bernart, Jan Bradáč, Jakub Vašek, Anna Slavíčková

Photo: vizualizace | ZAN, Pavel Vinter

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