SŽ Information Center I

On an area of ​​70 m2, we created an information HUB for the company Správa železnic. The exhibition space is conceptually divided into three parts. The first is a large-screen projection 8 m long, which will introduce you to the latest SŽ projects. Visitors can discover a deeper insight into SŽ’s activities through touch screens. The next part are real objects from the railway environment – a signal, rail gravel, rails or an almost two-ton drive wheel of a locomotive! You can see everything up close and even touch it.

Location: Prague Main train station | 2021

Author: monom

Phase: realization

Contractor: Capexus

Project manager: monom

Team: Michal Bernart, Tomáš Kočař, Jakub Vašek, Martina Bejčková

Photo: Alex Timpau

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