Smíchov municipal library

Smíchov branch of Prague’s city library is housed in a Secession style market hall built at the beginning of the 20th century proposed by Alois Čenský. The ample three-part space with basilica-like lighting forms a unique setting, in which the library extends. The proposal for its refurbishment then respects this aspect and presents a new connection between the old and the new. The outcome is a compact whole, where the original space framed by an authentic steel construction retains its generosity, sincerity and pure beauty. A newly inserted layer does not attract attention, it forms a solid foundation to a well performing space both from a functional and aesthetic perspective. In today’s digital age a library cannot fall behind in adaptation to current needs. It is more than a warehouse of books. More and more its complementary services expand – a space for meeting up, studying or extracurricular activities.

Location: Prague - Smíchov

Author: Michal Bernart, Igor Hobza, Jan Bradáč, Jakub Vašek, Martina Bejčková, Gloria Abu Zummar

Phase: Architectural proposal

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