Pedestrian bridge Štvanice

The pedestrian bridge complements the urban structure with the “wild” landscape and adapts its simple lines to its surroundings. It is a reaction to a place full of different traces. The interconnection of Holešovice and Karlín is designed as a rational structure that reflects the original industrial character of both sites, which is also emphasized by Corten texture. Its essence is natural color, durability, maintenance-free and ability to meet the requirements of structural efficiency. Slim steel supports underlin the perception of a solid and united line at the backdrop of the city, but at the same time they create the impression of immateriality.

Location: Praha Štvanice

Author: monom

Phase: study

Project manager: statics | Ing. Michael Trnka, CSc.

Team: Michal Bernart, Igor Hobza, Jan Bradáč, Jakub Vašek, Martin de Pablo Esteban

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