Pedestrian bridge over Horoměřická

Horoměřická Street is the main transport connection and also a barrier in the northwest part of the city. The terrain notch, which leads, and traffic density is a major obstacle to the flow of pedestrians and does not contribute to the city’s throughput.

The proposed subtle footbridge surpasses this notch and literally puts pedestrians over motorized traffic. Mostovka spans in an elegant curve across Horoměřická and Tobrucká streets from the Pod Beránkou street walk to the kindergarten. The footprint emerges from the green wall of the rising stomata along Horoměřická Street, intertwines or disappears again. The smooth climb of the footbridge and the circular ramp ensure a barrier-free connection to the road.

Location: Praha Bořislavka

Author: monom

Phase: Studie

Team: Michal Bernart, Igor Hobza, Anna Slavíčková, Jakub Vašek

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