GoodData I

GoodData is a Czech company based on the global market for big data – analysis and data processing.The intention of the design was strengthening the company’s identity, support of playfulness, creativity and competitiveness of the employees. In consequence the design is variable and its occupants become co-authors. Thanks to the chalk in the hands of the employees, the walls in the canteen become an interactive vision. The main element in the relax zone is tetris, a compilation of furniture, that evokes the legendary computer game. The combination of four basic shapes suggests a construction of random shapes, that offer a comfortable workplace or just a relaxing spot. Nother relax zone is considered a football field, where the keyboard and mouse are for a moment replaced by a goalmouth and scores. The collaboration with talented artists David Böhm and Jiří Franta was important for the overall graphic design of the interior.

Location: Danube House - Prague | 2013

Author: monom

Phase: realisation

Team: Igor Hobza, Michal Bernart, Helena Šímová, Kateřina Kousalová , Josef Kubát , Dominik Císař

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