Attacama is a Czech software company operating worldwide and specializing in solutions for data quality management, master data management and data governance. The ideology  of our interior design proposal for Attacama company is to bring quality into the office space. Our focus is on open and democratic layout allowing for flexible working environment supported by attributes of open-space. This confident architectural solution is based on creating a „ public square“ and on a functional zoning of the space by individual meeting facilities of a different dimensions. The pretty generous offices will be centralized around the „office square“ – meeting point“, which will become a place for discussions, negotiations, dialogs but as well a place for a break and relaxation. The key idea of the  full–scale flexibility is converted also into the furniture designs. We designed the furniture to create different types of environments enabling  to work in different positions with respect to the ergonomic needs of the users. To the original tables and chairs we have added custom made mobile sofas and mobile bar as well as coffee tables which bring an element of casualness into the working environment. The link between the formal and informal environment is also reflected into the interior materials – raw natural furniture in sophisticated combination with the stern loadbearing frames. Glass partition of the meeting facilities and canteen are further supporting the concept of the transparent workplace.

Location: Futurama business park - Prague | 2014

Author: monom

Phase: realisation

Team: Igor Hobza, Michal Bernart, Josef Kubát , Zuzana Kubová , Dominik Císař

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