Municipal Spa for the city of Krnov

Greenery. Matured trees. Essential elements of life shaping the character and spatial layout of this place. The house of Krnov Municipal Spa will become an integral part of the natural landscape. Synergy between man and nature. Sensitive treatment of existing vegetation. The relationship of architecture and landscape with the human body are the foundation principles for this proposal. Utilitarian volumes tread with care between the existing trees and shrubs. The general spatial layout offers a variety of spaces, half natural, half man-made. From intimate hideouts, sun flooded spots, panoramic views into the tree crowns towards public space.

Location: Krnov | 2022

Author: Michal Bernart, Igor Hobza, Jakub Vašek, Tomáš Kočař, Marie Záhorová, Matěj Ševela, Michal Zapletal, Christina Vergopoulou Efstathiou

Phase: competition entry

Award: TOP 5

Photo: images | ZAN studio

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