Memorial Chapel Ležáky

Recently grubbed forested slope above the meander of the Ležáky stream revealed the commemorative cross directly in the axis of the entrance into the area by which arose a logical as well as a symbolic climax of the grounds. Not the chapel, but the view of Ležáky is dominant here. The building itself is hidden. From the distance, you can only see a trench in the steep clearing, covered with a dense moorland, the lookout at Ležáky, which in the view from the distance leads a formal dialogue with the original design of Ladislav Žák, in a secure distance, detached by a strip of trees, in the same material, but in contemporary geometry. From here the visitor in his mind becomes an onlooker of the ominous performance, that took place here on 24th June 1942.

Location: Ležáky | 2011

Author: monom in cooperation with René Dlesk

Phase: competition

Award: 2nd prize

Team: Michal Bernart, Igor Hobza, René Dlesk

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