Market hall

Rather than creating separate stalls, the market hall is handeled as an independent object that is a partner to the surrounding buildings. The roofed construction creates a space that, by its size, answers the scale of the site.The market hall allows year round use, the space offers the opportunity to host events of different extent. In the roofed part, there are 36 stalls installed – in case of a bigger market event – there is an opportunity to add mobile stalls and use up the whole area of the trianglular space. When there aren’t any events at the market hall, the construction serves as a roofed bus stop. The design includes a small object for maintenance and toilets.

Location: Kladno | 2014

Author: monom

Phase: competition

Award: 3rd prize

Team: Michal Bernart, Igor Hobza, Dominik Císař, Josef Kubát, Zuzana Kubová

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