House for Seniors

Two separate houses create positive bonds inside the courtyard as well as outside towards the town. They are characterized by a welcoming scale and a plausible internal neighbourly capacity. The entrances to the retirement home are oriented to the main passage leading to the garden that inhabits preserved trees. The south garden is divided into a few functional parts where the central element is the walk path. It serves for relaxing as well as for residents’ strolling and as the passage for visitors. A playground, a gazebo, benches as well as park exercising equipment are to be used in the garden. The basic building element is a residential unit with the sides’ ratio of 1:2. Each studio flat is divided into a private living room with a loggia and a visitors’ part with a kitchenette and a closeable vista of the corridor.

Location: Opava | 2012

Author: monom

Phase: competition

Team: Michal Bernart , Igor Hobza , Martin Polách , Ondřej Dvořák , Jiří Matys, René Dlesk

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