House Kladno II

The house under the hillside – when designing this family house, we had to respect the important requirement of barrier, which was complicated in the sloping terrain and other requirements of the investor. The area of ​​the family house is divided into two floors, where the residential floor is one level in its entire area and the lower level is a service area with a garage. An important aspect of the design is to place a family house on a plot as close as possible to the street line, thus supporting the urban character of building a family house in Pod Strání street. The main entrance is south-facing, the entire house opens with mass and glazed areas to the northern slope. The garage with the warehouse and service spaces is connected by the passage with the mass of the house, at the same time it is embedded in the slope so that the floor corresponds to the level of the road.

Location: Kladno | 2016

Author: monom

Phase: study

Team: Igor Hobza , Michal Bernart , Lena Ilová

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