Embassy Washington D.C.

An embassy means an alliance, a synapse. The connection happens at different levels, not only in between countries, in human-to-human relations, but also between humans and information. Local conditions, lighting, space requirements, greenery and terrain variables enter the game as well. The outcome is a 3D layout, that answers the running of the premises – the consulate – the representative part – the authority. The embassy also divides the site in three parts with different functions and character. The building itself is a house. It has windows, doors, and a scale that is easily recognizable and comprehensible. It’s open to the street and to its visitors, doesn’t turn its back on the world. It uses the principle of the open courtyard, the entry to the space embraces, but doesn’t clutch. It is open, but protects, what should be kept secret. The logic of the security level is noticeable immediately – growing higher, the building closes in. The color and geometry of the facades refer to Czech architectural Modernism. The top layer is the skin that protects, airs and lightens up the space. It is a filter, that transmits only the perpendicular light beams, the ones coming at an angle stay on the surface. The side views secure what is covered under the cloak, the perpendicular ones reveal more.

Location: Washington D.C. USA | 2009

Author: monom

Phase: competition

Team: Michal Bernart , Jana Kubcová , Jan Bradáč, Pedro Prazeres | landscape

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