Dolina community centre

The proposal rises from a mass of existing structures to which it carefully responds. At the western facade mass of the clinic stretches lower to the level of the terraced housing on its side, whilst on the north it gradually climbs to the level of a neighbouring residential building, all the way to the Cultural centre. Within the set perimeter, four volumes form with sufficient pedestrian access and flow between them in mind – a quality often lacking in today’s cities. At the same time, all the public and semi-public areas are clearly defined to prevent the creation of vague vacuum of public space, a common characteristic of typical panel housing settlements – sídliště. The public space along the S.K. Neuman street is completed by an on-street bus stop, which simultaneously enables a safe crossing of the road for the pedestrians and does not permit illegal short-stay parking in the stop area.

Location: Jihlava | 2020

Author: Igor Hobza, Monika Ohrazdová, Anna Slavíčková, Veronika Výborná, Zuzana Krištofíková

Phase: Invited architectural competition

Award: 2nd place

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