Municipal Library I

The new city library for Prague 6, with its mass and compactness, corresponds to the urban character of the city district Petřiny, in scale similar to the surrounding residential area. The basic longitudinal orthogonal urban system is complemented by a central object. The exterior compactness is enriched by an indoor atrium that goes through the entire building. The library building is very pragmatic in terms of layout and construction, based on a nine-square with a side length of seven meters. The load-bearing structure of the prefabricated frame is writen to the solution of floor plan, which is then readable on the facades of the building.

Location: Petřiny - Prague | 2015

Author: monom

Phase: Planning permin

Team: Igor Hobza , Michal Bernart, Lenka Iľová, Juraj Biroš , Jiří Ptáček, Jakub Hoffmann

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