Elementary school Dolní Měcholupy

The new school is designed as a stable point in an environment of the area of tasteless development. The forecourt connects to the newly planned axis – Kardausova Street, which envisages stretching the tram route. The center of the architectural volume lies in the middle of the site, so that various outdoor spaces are created around the perimeter for the needs of the school and kindergarten.

We divide the mass of the school into functional clusters. In the form of five cubic structures, the clusters revolve around their center of gravity, in which lies the auditorium and the entrance foyer, a meeting place for the public and pupils. External and internal divisions contribute to the creation of an environment important for the development of children’s individuality, as well as their social bounds. The inner courtyards provide a protected space not only for spending free time, but also for teaching. With its division, the proposal enables the creation of microworlds belonging to individual classes and thus the change of the formal environment of an institution into a creative landscape. Classes are designed as variable spaces for teaching, each of which has its own small “living room” for informal activities.
Due to the limits of the site, the school area is extended to a well-accessible roof garden above the auditorium.

Location: Praha

Author: monom

Phase: studie

Award: top 7

Team: Michal Bernart, Igor Hobza, Jakub Vašek, Alena Zmeškalová, Tomás Kočař

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