Vysočany – Penta

The character of the Prague block and the courtyard are the main themes of the conceptual design set in the very heart of Vysočany. The aim is to create a full-fledged residential building based on both the historical context of the place and meeting modern requirements for privacy, diversity and overall permeability of the place. The character of the facade is based on the closest environment, the formal rigour is relaxed towards the courtyard and is devoted to glazed balconies, gardens and common areas. The active ground floor is accessible in all its area and becomes also a public destination on its own. The courtyard is complemented on the ground floor by commercial spaces with the possibility of transformation into atrium houses with a community garden for all residents of the house on the roofs of these built-in volumes. The proposed building includes both popular typologies with the settings of 2 + kk and 3 + kk apartments, but also larger units with the quality of family living with large roof terraces. The entire floor belongs to apartments with adjoining private gardens and the raised floors are designed as a retreat with the possibility of variable terraces and balconies suitable for private luxury living in the centre of Prague. All roof areas are covered with functional greenery and support the idea of ​​ecological development. It is planned to drain rainwater into retention tanks and its reuse.

Location: Praha I 2020

Author: monom

Phase: soutěž

Team: Igor Hobza, Michal Bernart, Monika Ohrazdová, Anna Slavíčková, Jakub Vašek

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